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Who Inspires You?

Over the course of my life as a photographer, I have had many inspirations and those who I find inspiring as photographers. So many, in fact, I cannot list them all, I could give a shorter list of rock drummers I've been inspired by as a drummer myself. However, I can provide you with some information about a few renowned landscape photographers who have inspired myself and many others in the field. Here are a few notable names:

1. Ansel Adams: Ansel Adams is one of the most iconic landscape photographers in history. He was known for his breathtaking black and white images of the American West, particularly Yosemite National Park. Adams' work focused on capturing the beauty of nature and played a significant role in promoting conservation and environmental awareness.

2. Galen Rowell: Galen Rowell was a renowned adventure photographer who specialized in capturing landscapes and outdoor activities. His unique style combined technical excellence with a strong sense of composition, resulting in stunning and emotionally powerful images. Rowell's work often featured remote and wild locations, showcasing the beauty and fragility of the natural world. Helen was also known to run flat out to get a shot no one else even saw before he got it. He was like standing next to a nuclear reactor of creativity.

3. Michael Kenna: Michael Kenna is a contemporary landscape photographer known for his minimalist and ethereal black and white images. His work often features serene and tranquil scenes, capturing the essence of nature's beauty. Kenna's unique use of light and composition creates a sense of calm and introspection in his photographs.

4. Art Wolfe: Art Wolfe is a versatile photographer who has explored various genres, including landscape photography. His images showcase a wide range of natural landscapes, from the grandeur of mountains to the delicate details of wildlife. Wolfe's compositions often emphasize the harmony between different elements of the natural world.

5. Eliot Porter: Eliot Porter was a pioneer in color landscape photography. He captured the vibrant beauty of nature, with a particular focus on intimate scenes and details. Porter's work played a significant role in establishing color photography as a respected art form and helped to broaden the possibilities within landscape photography.

And the list goes on...

These photographers have left a lasting impact on the field of landscape photography and have inspired countless others with their vision, technique, and passion for capturing the natural world. I will say, however, there are many photographers you may not have heard of like Ed Weston, Henry Jackson, John Shaw, George Lepp and several I run into who have never been published but I see their work posted in online photography groups who consider themselves to be just hobbyists. My advice is to keep an open mind and eye, you never know what may inspire you next.

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