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The Musical Score Of Fine Art Nature Photography

Did you know that Ansel Adams was trained as a pianist?

In fact, Adams often compared the photographic negative to a musical score and described each print from a particular negative as an individual performance of that score. ⁣ These Clearing Winter Storm prints, both made from the same negative, highlight Adams' skillful use of darkroom techniques to manipulate light and shadow. Adams regarded these images as some of his most iconic and referred to his most popular images as his "Mona Lisas." ⁣ Tickets for Ansel Adams in Our Time opening April 8 are now available at⁣ [Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, about 1937, Photograph by Ansel Adams © The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust, Courtesy, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston] Exhibition organized by @MFABoston in partnership with FAMSF.⁣

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