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Are You Trigger Happy Too?

Over the last couple of years I have been experimenting in photographing lightning, and capturing the Milky way with landscapes. I've had some success but no consistency before getting into photoshop and processing like heck. So I have been looking at Camera Triggers that supposedly make the camera smarter than the photographer. Here is a short comparison between to two most popular Camera Triggers.

1. Arsenal Trigger:

Arsenal is a smart camera assistant that offers various features to enhance a photographer's shooting experience. It connects to your camera through its hot shoe and communicates via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with your smartphone or tablet through a dedicated app. The app acts as the control center, allowing you to adjust camera settings, compose shots, and trigger the camera remotely. Arsenal is equipped with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence that can suggest optimal settings based on the shooting conditions.

Key features of Arsenal Trigger (as of 2021 update):

- Time-lapse shooting

- HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography

- Long exposure photography

- Focus stacking

- Live view and composition assistance

- Wireless image transfer to your mobile device

- Compatibility with various camera models

Please note that newer versions or updates may have been released since my last comparison, so I recommend checking the manufacturer's website or recent reviews for the latest information.

2. Pluto Trigger:

The Pluto Trigger is another versatile camera trigger designed to provide remote control and creative shooting options for photographers. It also connects to your camera's hot shoe and communicates with your smartphone or tablet through its companion app. The Pluto Trigger is well-known for its advanced triggering modes and compatibility with many camera models.

Key features of Pluto Trigger (as of 2021 update):

- Time-lapse and intervalometer

- High-speed photography (e.g., water droplet photography)

- Sound, light, and laser triggers

- HDR photography

- Bulb mode for long exposure shots

- Smartphone-controlled shutter release

Like the Arsenal Trigger, please be aware that there might have been updates or newer models introduced since my last comparison. Always check the manufacturer's website or recent reviews for the latest features and compatibility information.

In summary, both the Arsenal Trigger and the Pluto Trigger are excellent tools for creative photography, and the choice between them depends on your specific needs, camera compatibility, and the features offered in their respective updates at the time of purchase.

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