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Ansel and Yosemite Valley

“I first came to Yosemite Valley with my family in 1916 and I have not missed a single year since then.” - Ansel Adams.

Curtesy, @de Young Museum:

A master of landscapes and an unwavering champion for the environment, Ansel Adams used his lens to awaken our appreciation for the beauty and fragility of nature. The short documentary “Ansel Adams + Richard Misrach: Exploring Legacies’’ examines the impact of the artist’s prolific photography in the Bay Area and beyond. Visit to watch the full film.

Video description: A closeup shot of Ansel Adams’ eye in black and white. A car drives into Yosemite Valley. Adams looks up at the landscape. He walks into the forest, carrying his camera. Photographs made by Ansel Adams of nature and the Bay Area. Photographer Richard Misrach appears on screen. Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Curator Lauren Palmor appears on screen. Ansel Adams setting up his camera in Yosemite Valley.

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