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James H Egbert

          is a 4th generation Colorado Native and Navy Veteran who has traveled the world and has come to appreciate the natural world around us. What started as a passing hobby and  artistic escape, has now become a mission of awareness and pure joy in the experience of  sitting with God's Greatest creation that we call home.
James primarily works as an Emmy Award Winning Television News Photojournalist but devotes his free time and passion to capturing the natural wonders of the world around him away from the hustle and bustle of the city he lives and works in. Every image has a story within it that may be different for each person that views them. James loves to pass along the passion for photography to anyone willing to learn.

James' photographs have been published in numerous publications such as Outdoor Photographer, Nature's Best, National Geographic, Local News Papers and in Lifestyle Magazine Television programs around the country.  His work also appears on calendars, postcards and note cards and he has sold many prints to various individuals and institutions such as Mellon Bank, Founder's Bank and in Corporate Marketing Materials.

James enjoys traveling and photographing the scenic beauty of the places he visits. As a photographer, he has wonderful attention to detail in composition and technique.

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